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Hiring Translators & Interpreters Made Easy & For Much Less 

Looking for professional translators or interpreters? Work with us. We connect you directly to a network of expert professional translators and interpreters, the best linguists for your needs. Current job listings are published in our Translators & Interpreters Careers newsletter, our two websites, and 26 other online sites.


Working with us can save you money. Our pricing is very modest. We also have eliminated the bait-and-switch “trial period,” after which the pricing can go through the roof. Listing a job on one such job board can cost you as much as $199, $399, or even $999 a month. We believe listing a job opening should not cost you an arm and a leg.
With us you list an unlimited number of jobs for a modest monthly fee, paid yearly:  $9 per month, $99 per year (with a 2-month discount)


How to List Jobs
1 Email us the following information:
1. Your Need: Translator, Interpreter, Project Manager, etc.
2. Languages
3. Your Company Name, Location & Website
4. In-House, On Site or Remote
5. Subject Matter & Type of translation 
6. Length & Pay Rate 
7. Apply-by date.
8. Complete-by or perform-on date.
9. Email of contact person. 
2 Please specify listing time frame and remit the appropriate fee via Paypal.
That it is all. It is that simple. You do not have to browse 93,160 translator profiles. You do not have to hope that out of hundreds of translators who might bid on your job, one will do it correctly. You will save time, money, stress, and uncertainty.


Jose L. Varela-Ibarra, Translators & Interpreters Careers 

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